Inspired to pick up those brushes

In no specific order…..

1. Reading Jennifer Cody Epstein’s novel, “The Painter of Shanghai, based on the life of Pan Yuliang, a 20th century female Chinese artist.

2. Neglected paints and brushes and a half-complete painting that has been gathering dust in our guest room for over a year: they alternate between glaring at me and wistfully sighing in unified loneliness as I pass by them on a daily basis.

3. Many wonderful photo moments and places in Shanghai and wishing I could reproduce them in a way that highlights my perspective of them.

4. The need to have an alternative “hobby” from studying Mandarin – it’s so “functional” – I want to something just because I want to do it.

5. My niece, Lara, in South Africa, who is a very talented artist. She is a reminder that there must be some artistic genes in our family and perhaps I managed to inherit a few of them! Now that I think about it, both my sisters are also artistic in different ways – so there is hope for me!

6. I enjoy cooking and the creativity that comes from combining flavours and producing great tasting food. Watching various reality cooking shows like Masterchef has definitely inspired me to be more creative in my cooking, but a) it’s not good for my waistline; and b) the ingredients aren’t so readily available here – not unless you are prepared to pay a fortune for them.

7. The arrival of spring ushered in an incredible display of flowers and colours and light and blue sky. After the cold and grey of a long winter, it is difficult NOT to get caught up in the joy of nature.

8. There are some days when “culture fatigue” sets in – when the idiosyncrasies of the foreign culture get too much and one wants to retreat to something that does not shout “You don’t belong here!”. Maybe a creative outlet is a better form of escapism than watching TV.

9. Browsing through online sites about art and finding online resources, I came across a Chinese artist – Jing Jennifer Wu ( I love the style of her paintings and I was encouraged to read in her Bio that she is a software engineer by profession. Maybe there’s a lot more to us left-brainers….

10. I have friends back in South Africa that often ask “So, what have you painted lately?” It will be nice to be able to give them an answer.

~ by Tomorrowslices on May 4, 2011.

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