The journey begins…

I started off by finishing (well, nearly finishing) the landscape painting that I had started a year ago.

It is painted with acrylics and is based on one of the sample paintings in Dale Elliot’s “Oils and Acrylics” CD. I bought this CD in South Africa a few years ago, not realising that it was about using acrylic paints as a base layer for oil paintings. I have never got into oil painting, so it is not as useful as I thought it would be.

I have a few books on watercolour techniques – one is a basic one by Bee Morrison that is easy to understand and I have worked through a few of the workshops in the past. The ideas are great but I don’t want to go through the workshops for the nth time.

I looked online for a few more “free” resources. Here are some useful web sites and links:

How to Draw and Paint

Drawing and Painting Community

Art Graphica

Creative Spotlite

Virtual Art Student

Art Instruction Blog

Watercolour Painting

I experimented with an impressionist technique after watching one of the video lessons on Virtual Art Student. This is the 2nd attempt!

I came across and decided to order Bob Davies’ Watercolour Secrets and Acrylic Secrets DVD sets. I watched some of the free videos on the How to Draw and Paint web site, and I like his teaching style and think that it will be a very helpful key to getting going again. His premise is that anyone can learn to paint, given step-by-step instructions about the basics and building on from there. As I do tend to work better in a structured environment, I think this will be a good process to follow – my earlier efforts have always been a bit hit and miss.

~ by Tomorrowslices on May 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “The journey begins…”

  1. WOW WOW WOW! I love your waterlilies – they look dreamily alive.

  2. Thanks for visiting, T – glad you like the dreamy lilies.

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