A Revised Perspective

My DVD’s for the two courses arrived in the post – 5 working days from the English Midlands to the east coast of China: Well done, Royal Mail and China Post!

I had a busy week at work, so was not able to apply myself fully to the new set of lesson material, but this weekend I carried on from where I left off last weekend. The 2nd DVD is about drawing and sketching tips, including simplifying the source picture to shapes; getting the perspective right; sketching methods; transferring images from photos first into drawings, and then onto the actual watercolour paper; and also quite a few composition tips & techniques. All in all, it was a very useful set of lessons and I finished watching the 2nd DVD today – now I just need to put some of the techniques into practice.

I completed one picture – a sketch of a cart-horse, painted on cartridge paper. It took me a few “sittings” to finish it because I wanted to make sure that the different layers of paint dried before I applied the next one. I have had too many run-ins (excuse the pun) with different colours mising when they shouldn’t, and hope I have finally learnt my lesson!

I am reasonably happy with the end result – the poor horse’s legs are a bit wonky, but the colours have turned out OK, I think!

~ by Tomorrowslices on May 14, 2011.

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