Skies: Stormy skies, rainy skies, moonlit skies

I am starting to see clouds and skies in my dreams at night – I have spent the last 2 days watching and re-watching the DVD lessons on the painting of skies using watercolours. Somehow my skies never match the demonstrated examples – I wonder why! Once again patience, patience and more patience; and practice, practice and more practice are the key requirements. The other thing that I struggle with is how abstract it all looks when you start (and even when you have finished!) painting the clouds and the sky, but as it dries, it’s as if they come alive, and become more realistic in the process

After explaining various types of washes for sky backgrounds, Bob Davies demonstrates a two-tone sky, a breezy sky, a stormy sky, a rainy sky, a moonlit sky and and an evening sky. His results are spectacular, and I guess that’s why he’s selling DVD’s! The principles look easy but there is definitely a lot of skill involved in getting the right amount of water and paint mixture, as well as the correct timing and dampness of the actual paper before you apply the watercolours.

These are some of my attempts at skies and clouds – I clearly have a long way to go…. [I re-used some of earlier samples and managed to create some interesting, but unintended, effects!]

In this final picture, St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall, forms the setting for a “two-tone” sky. I will have to come back to this once my skills have improved! My two-tone sky looks more like someone tore a hole out of the middle of the sky….

I think I am going to have to spend many more hours mastering these various techniques to achieve different kinds of skies – they definitely do set the tone of landscape paintings.

~ by Tomorrowslices on May 29, 2011.

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