Moving on….to Mountains….and Rocks!

This is proving to be much harder than I thought it would be! After yet another two lousy attempts at “Rainy Sky”, I moved onto the tutorials from the DVD on “Mountains and Rocks”. I had watched the full set of videos last weekend, but had not made any effort to try my hand at any of the completed paintings.

Woe is me! “Mt Fuji at Dawn” proved to be unreasonably difficult to achieve. After my 4th psychedelic sky, I went hunting on the online forum for Watercolour Secrets and found that there were quite a few other fellow strugglers! Thankfully Wendy and Linda saved the day by making copious notes about the sequence of steps in the tutorial as well as filling in the gaps in the video – where a technique or colour mixing process is discussed and the first few strokes are committed to paper, but then….all of a sudden…..the section of the painting appears complete! How did that happen…..? Well, I benefited from Wendy & Linda’s trials and tribulations and finally made some headway. My challenge continues to involve how much water to mix with how much paint.

Here is my version of Mt Fuji – I expect the Japanese people are going to come after me for desecrating their revered mountain….

The dark area at the base of the mountain is too dark to show up the trees properly, and just after taking the photograph, I “fiddled” with t picture and messed up the trees even more….Woe is me again!

The next lesson involves the Matterhorn…, coward that I am, I took a deviation into practicing textures and techniques for Rocks. [My husband reckons they bear a resemblance to potatoes, and I think I have to agree with him!]

~ by Tomorrowslices on June 28, 2011.

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