Mountain with Snow

I really enjoyed painting this picture of the Matterhorn, Switzerland…..except for the sky, which I am still struggling with. I really need to spend more time practising the whole watercolour wash technique – either my wash is not wet enough, or the paint mixture is wrong, but something is not quite right.

However, I am very pleased with this picture – things really came together.

I am looking forward to branching out from the specific pictures that are presented in the Watercolour Secrets DVD course, but I keep feeling that I need to watch all the videos to make sure I have picked up as many techniques as possible. I still have at least two more “mountain” studies to work through and then it’s on to “Trees and Foliage”, followed by “Water”. As many of the subjects that I want to paint are of seascapes, I think I better press on before I venture out on my own.

I am still enjoying the process – and I think that is one of my main goals, so I guess I am still on track!

~ by Tomorrowslices on July 3, 2011.

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