Rocks and Sand

This week I also tackled one of the earlier “Mountain” exercises from the Watercolour Secrets DVD’s: Rocks and Sand.

I made sure that I took my time, stopping many times between each section of the painting, so that I didn’t feel as rushed as with some of the earlier ones. This definitely made the whole process more enjoyable.

I am not 100% happy with the sky, and the water’s edge and reflections, but am not so unhappy that I want to paint the picture again right now. I practiced the technique for blending the water and sand on a separate piece of paper to make sure that I got the paint consistency right in each of the mixes and it worked out perfectly in practice, but when I came to the actual painting, something went wrong – I think I hadn’t mixed enough of the colours and had to add paint and water to make more and then it got messed up. Oh, well – maybe it will be better the next time.

I used a different type of watercolour paper – same thickness of 300gsm, but definitely a higher quality paper – the paint went on much more smoothly and more easily. There was supposed to be a group of people walking along the beach in the distance, but I wasn’t brave enough to add them in case it messed up the rest of the scene!

~ by Tomorrowslices on August 4, 2011.

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