There’s so much wrong with this painting – it is a prime candidate for “Spot the mistakes” in Painting 101. But, I painted it and there are some things that are right about it and right now I don’t have the energy to paint it again! Maybe next month….

One of the main problems is that the first background wash wiped out all the pencil marks and so the rest of the painting was a hit and miss based on the reference drawing! Then I tried to fiddle and fix and made it worse – the most glaring issue is that the water levels in the weir are either squiff or uneven, especially the one in the front, and now that I’ve noticed it, it keeps hitting me right between the eyes!

The painting is from the section on “Water” in the Watercolour Secrets DVD. I’ve found that I am struggling to “relate” to the exercise paintings and painting them has become a tick-box on a checklist instead of an enjoyable experience in and of itself. I want to master the techniques, so that I can move on to the paintings that I choose to paint for myself. But when I do attempt one of my own – one that I am more able to “bond” with – I still lack the skills to take it to the level where I would like it to be. This is so FRUSTRATING – to be on this journey and trying not to rush through the basics to get to the really fun bits!


~ by Tomorrowslices on September 5, 2011.

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