Impatient Perfectionist

I’m going through the struggle of trying to define “my style” – I really enjoy the idea of developing the freedom that comes from a”looser” style of painting, but I find it so hard to transition from a picture/photo that has caught my eye and then being able to paint it in a loose style without losing the essence of the picture that caused the initial attraction.

I find that I have to paint something at least 3 times, and then I am still not satisfied with the result. This creative mode has no right or wrong boxes for Ms Perfectionist to tick!

I’ve bought some books to try to get more ideas about loosening up:

  • Ann Blockley – Watercolour Textures;
  • Hazel Soan – Essence of Watercolour; &
  • Jean Haines – How to Paint with Colour and Light.

They are all amazing artists and their paintings are stunning – but I feel so inadequate – my attempts at trying to achieve something meaningful out of splashes of paint and washes of colour end up looking like kindergarten art!.

I read somewhere that even if you only improve at something by 10% per year (and that means less than 1% each month), in 5 years time, you’ll be 50% better at it.

Here are some of my efforts – in most cases, this is the 4th or 5th attempt at the same scene – and it is STILL not loose enough – without fail, I head in for the details trying to define and perfect things!

The Fuschia study is from an demo by Jean Haines – this is the only one where the 1st attempt was better than the subsequent ones!

The other 3 paintings are from photos on Paint my Photo – two of them by a photographer, Oggy, who sadly passed away last year, and the Green Landscape by Elizabeth Lamb that was the subject matter for the Loose discussion group.

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~ by Tomorrowslices on September 26, 2011.

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