And the elephants went in 2 by 2…

…except this one…

He/she was part of a delightful pair of baby elephants (photo by Gary Jones on PMP), but I wasn’t brave enough to attempt them both the first time around! I am still a bit hesitant to paint animals and people – it is so important to get the proportions right….

This chap was fun to paint – I tried a few different versions before I was satisfied with the results – I was hoping that it would turn out a bit looser, but in the end, the harder one tries to be loose, the more details you end up adding.

Colours are Burnt Sienna, Indigo and Diox Violet.

From a photo "Baby Elephants" by Gary Jones - PMP

Have received the latest Jean Haines‘ DVD this week – “Watercolour Passion” – haven’t had much opportunity to watch it yet, but am looking forward to picking up new techniques and “tips” for looseness – thank you, Jean!


*** news flash *** – I have just seen that my painting has made it into the featured photos on PMP – I am delighted and feel very honoured!

~ by Tomorrowslices on April 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “And the elephants went in 2 by 2…”

  1. Well done Dawn for a fabulous painting and for getting featured on PMP. Rightfully deserved for your lovely loose ellie…

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