Intoxicating Colour!

And I mean that in the best possible sense! Exhilarating, exuberant, exciting, stunning and simply amazing colour.

Page after page after page….each one just as intriguing and colourful and the one before.

These were my first impressions of Jean Haines’ new book Atmospheric Watercolours. It arrived in all its colourful and gorgeous splendour after a rather circuitous route through various customs and nondescript postal service halls across various Chinese cities, finally being collected in a total incongruous and shabby postal bag rescued from the top shelf of a standard government issue green locker in the back room of the local post office sorting room.

But arrive it and it was well worth the wait and it definitely does live up to all the expectation and anticipation surrounding its publication and launch.

I love the thought of the customs officials taking a peek into the book and being absolutely blown away by the beauty and life that springs from every page – hope it brightened a few days along its journey from the UK to Shanghai!

Thank you, Jean – it is a truly beautiful, useful, fun, inspiring and incredible gift, a work of art in itself, as you share from your heart and your experiences and your talent and your discoveries. It will definitely take more than a few days and weeks to explore all the treasures and secrets that you have so generously made available to so many people.

~ by Tomorrowslices on June 18, 2012.

3 Responses to “Intoxicating Colour!”

  1. Knew you would like it Dawn and fantastic you have managed to get it in China, am using it for the bridge image in the group so will be great see what you do with it too. J

    • Yes – I love it – it is very hard to stop “gushing” about it. Now I just need to get stop oohing and aahing over the book and get down to painting. I have tried the bridge exercise – am going to do a few more variations and hopefully get to post it for the Bridge image in the Group!

  2. […] Most delivery companies have 3-letter acronyms for their names, but in my thoughts their names consist of 4 letters and lots of those characters at the top of the keyboard that you need a SHIFT key to access. The most consistent behaviour has been by the government postal service: +/- 10 days delivery from the UK to Shanghai via a sorting centre in Hong Kong or Guangdong province – except for one book that went via Beijing and arrived in its own special postal sack after taking a detour through customs and ending up in a locker in the back office of the local post office – Read more here! […]

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