My tea-picker lady

I painted this a few weeks ago – basing it (loosely!) on a newspaper photo. I loved the greens in the original photo, but I actually prefer my greens 🙂 I don’t feel I’ve quite got a handle on how paint figures and people yet, but I’m quite pleased with this lady. I was drawn to the scene by the wide-open spaces with the sense of isolation of the tea-pickers (this lady was all alone in this wide expanse), as well as the contrasting blues and greens of the near and distant hills and mountains and the tea-fields themselves.

Chinese tea-picker lady – in shades of Indigo and Sap Green and with a few pinches of salt!)

I tried to paint this again to give it a more “painterly”-feel – more white space, more hints and suggestions, but none of the subsequent attempts amounted to much. I need to find a way to train my brain to begin to learn how to leave things out and allow more to the viewer’s imagination – that’s one of my top goals for the next few months.

[One thing I forgot to mention – I found it a bit of a conceptual challenge to decide whether to approach this composition as a landscape with a person in it, or as a person with a landscape in the background, i.e. should the focus be more on the overall landscape or on the tea-picker herself? Both need each other in order to have any value, so both are important. Should I have pushed the tea-picker a little deeper into the painting to give a greater sense of distance, or would that have minimised her role in the scene? So much to think about!!!]

~ by Tomorrowslices on July 18, 2012.

2 Responses to “My tea-picker lady”

  1. This is really great – I love your use of sap green and indigo – 2 of the fav colours in my palette! I think the tea picker is positioned perfectly but it would be interesting to see how it would look otherwise – maybe a couple of quick sketches would help, happy painting!

    • Thanks, Sharon – I really love this colour combination too!
      Sketching – now there’s an idea – I admit I’ve been a bit lazy about sketching before the paint hits the paper, but you’re right it is a good option that would probably reduce later frustration:)

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