Slow boat to China

A few weeks ago I started a painting of a photo By Kathryn Smith on PMP. I’ve always been fascinated by Chinese “junks” – and was delighted to find this reference photo. I liked my initial attempt, but was a bit worried that it was OTT – too bright – too chaotic – too…..much! In the original photo the background contained the skyscrapers and hills around Hong Kong, but I wasn’t sure whether they would add or detract from the painting. I also wasn’t entirely sure about whether the boat was too large for size of the composition.

Chinese Junk - HK. No.1

Chinese Junk – HK. No.1

This was one of the later versions – love the sea on this one, but then I messed it up by trying to add the sun – Monet style! The boat had to keep growing to fit the sails, so it became overworked and lost its sparkle, so that was also a bit of an issue! Too contrived….

1st Boat

Chinese Junk  No. 2

I got some valuable input from my fellow loose watercolour artists in PMP – Loose Group – and over the last few weeks have been trying to “do things differently”, building on their suggestions while keeping the things that I liked and/or changing/adding my own elements. There have been “n” number of mis-attempts – all in the bin now or on the back of future masterpieces – some with mountains, some with skyscrapers, but this is my final version for a while.

The verdict is still out – I might still prefer my first attempt!

Boat 2

Chinese Junk No. ?

[So pleased – the last image has just been displayed on Featured Photos on PMP!]

~ by Tomorrowslices on August 7, 2012.

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