Eye can see you

Eye can see you

From “Little Blue Eyes” by Gary Jones

One of my all-time favourite photos by Gary Jones on Paint My Photo – Little Blue Eyes – is of the most adorable ginger and white kitten with incredible blue eyes and an intense stare at the camera.

I was worried that I would not get the symmetry of the eyes right, so opted for a 1/2 portrait of this cute creature – something that Jean Haines gets right a lot better than I do! I had some panic moments in the early stages of the painting – ended up dabbing off lots of paint, but I am really pleased with the final version – probably one of the few, if ever, times that I am 100% happy with a painting.

~ by Tomorrowslices on August 8, 2012.

6 Responses to “Eye can see you”

  1. beautiful!

  2. This is utterly gorgeous – I was with Gary when he took this photo and you have captured this little fella perfectly, I love it, well done Dawn and congratulations on a superb painting !

    • Thanks so much, Sharon. I was captivated by the intensity in this kitten’s gorgeous blue eyes from the minute I saw the photo, so i just couldn’t resist trying to paint it. I was really pleased that it turned out so well!

  3. Fascinating! The eye seems to bore into you, so realistic!

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