Venice: a view

My version of Santa Maria della Salute in Venice – based on a black and white photo for one of the monthly images on PMP Loose Group.

Santa Maria della Salute

I sketched out the main aspects that I wanted to include on a separate piece of paper and then ditched the photo and promptly forgot to refer much to the sketch either! So I am afraid if not at all architecturally accurate, but I do like the way the colours have interacted and how they depict the scene!

Colours: Indigo, Turquoise, Diox Violet and Tran Yellow.

Now to find the right balance between not being a slave to the photo reference and not discarding it all together!

I do want to try it again with a different palette and to find a way to include the gondolas in the foreground in a way that adds to the scene and does not detract from the buildings – I didn’t like the way they appeared in the original photo – they seemed to get in the way!

~ by Tomorrowslices on August 14, 2012.

6 Responses to “Venice: a view”

  1. This is really lovely!

  2. Well done Dawn…… your comment about either being a slave to the photo or discarding it altogether made me smile….. I think this is all part of growing in confidence…. at one time I never dreamed that my interpretation would be better than the photographers so never had the confidence to think “Hey that tree would look better there or move those gondolas” but now I understand that the initial reference may not be the best and am trying to put my own slant on things. If you don’t like the gondolas, leave them out or alter them to how you like them better… am all for that. I think you need to focus on what interests you in an image and blow the rest!!!

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence! I usually want to put in everything AND the kitchen sink, so I guess this is progress – I need to add “blow the rest” to my list of things to remember! Right up there with K.I.S.S! I often find it more difficult to leave things out the more “emotional investment” that I have in the subject I’m trying to capture.

  3. I love those colours together Dawn and well done for discarding the photo AND the sketch, by doing the sketch you gave yourself a feel for the building which has resulted in this gorgeous result – so what if it’s not architecturally accurate, it doesn’t need to be – it’s a loose piece and your interpretation – I knew straight away where it was!

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