Moving slowly…

Not much painting happening in my days, but I managed to paint two quick images for the PMP Loose Group this month. Saw the images, got inspired, felt that they were in my comfort zone and that maybe they would help me to get back into ‘the other zone’ again. I think I am still wallowing in my disappointment with the mask and my relative success of my lion!

Fishing Boat on Aldeburgh Beach (from a photo by Peter Williams)

I used a limited palette of Indigo, Burnt Sienna and a hint of Perylene Maroon – shape of boat needs a little attention and I didn’t put much effort into the background! I like the long and narrow aspect that is created by using this cut-off piece of paper. I hope to try a “less rushed” version of this one again this weekend.

I know that painting in a Loose style does not mean rushing, but sometimes when you want to prove to yourself that you still can paint, it is hard not to rush to finish the piece.

Old Barn Door (from a photo by Max Hemingway)

Probably too many colours in this one – I like the contrast between the warmth in the door and the cool of the surrounding stonework, but it feels a bit too “heavy” for me – the hanging flowers are overgrown and should have been smaller. Trouble is – when you’re enjoying the process, you get carried away and end up overdoing things.

Lesson learnt – move slowly!

On a ‘good’ painting day – move slowly and enjoy the journey – take time to sit back and watch the painting develop.

On a ‘bad’ painting day – move slowly out of that stationary, inert state of staring blankly at the canvas – move your brush, find some paint, splash it on the paper – it could be the beginnings of something beautiful.

~ by Tomorrowslices on September 6, 2012.

4 Responses to “Moving slowly…”

  1. Just catching up with all your work Dawn. Great work especially the lion. Loving it.

  2. Thanks, Laura – yes, I am rather proud of that lion, but am a bit irritated that I haven’t been able to achieve much of substance since then:)

  3. Brilliant! Love the Old Barn Door.

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