The Glare

My kills with animal portraits are definitely in need of an upgrade – how wrong are these proportions???? Eyes too close together (and way too intense!) snout too narrow, puffy cheeks…..oh well – maybe the next time I try to paint this cheetah cub (photo by Gary Jones on PMP) I will have improved my hand-eye co-ordination and ability to get things in the correct proportion!

The Glare

~ by Tomorrowslices on September 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Glare”

  1. I love the colours, it’s a very vivid painting. And the eyes have that brooding look – I definitely don’t want to meed this guy!
    The proportions look fine to me, if not exactly like the photo.

    The only thing I think might try, is maybe bring out the highlights over the left eye and on the tip of the nose, to make the painting more three-dimensional?

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for comments, Delft, and for the suggestions. I know I over-worked this guy and lost much of the light areas in the process. I would like to try to paint him again, but at the moment he is looking at me in such an accusing manner I am too scared to paint him again 🙂

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