Ode to Autumn

A long time ago, John Keats penned:

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness….

And even though my initial plan was a for a subtle autumn scene with subdued autumn hues draped over a dark and sombre castle…..other than the first wash – which has long since been overgrown with colour, there is not one thing subtle, subdued, mellow or misty about this painting!

The painting was inspired by the October Monthly Challenge on Paint My PhotoA Storybook Autumn – where one had to choose one of the beautiful photographs of castles surrounded by evergreens and turn it into an autumn scene. I did manage to keep it loose, but it is a little too busy for me – I should have kept more areas washed out and less “worked” to give the painting a more balanced feel.

I used some of Jean Haines‘ brushstroke techniques from Atmospheric Watercolours for the bridge – and I was pleased with that result; and I like the sky – which I added at the last moment – talk about a loose order of things….. and I am happy with the trees in different places…

So all the individual bits and pieces are pleasing: there are probably just too many of them! I am still on this road of learning when to stop and how to leave things well enough alone and not smother them!

~ by Tomorrowslices on October 24, 2012.

6 Responses to “Ode to Autumn”

  1. Lovely colours Dawn.

  2. you’ve been working really hard dawn ..enjoy your new colours are paper

  3. This one is fab Dawn. Love the warms and cools used. I’m beginning to learn that they are what make a painting pop and how we position them against each other is vital to the success of a painting. Love the textures too.

    • Thanks, Laura – so glad you like this one. I’m not over the moon about it – mainly because it wasn’t quite as I had in mind, but I do like the colours! Too fussy and never satisfied, aren’t I?

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