Reds and Greens

A loose impression of a lovely photo on PMP – I definitely took some liberties with the placement of the lampposts!

I have been experimenting with trying to find to inch my way closer/to work out my preferred style. It is still an ongoing, progressive journey. There are definitely elements of Jean Haines‘ fantastic loose techniques, but I haven’t quite the hang of them yet – sorry Jean! Then there’s some a lot of Mrs Detail and “…it needs something more….” that I am trying to move push further away from centre-stage. And let’s not forget the role played by Ms “this is not QUITE what I pictured in my mind’s eye, let me try it again” – she has a lot of sway!

Lamps and Roses – loosely

  • 2 Greens: Green-gold & Sap Green;
  • 2 Reds (I think!) Winsor Deep Red & Aliz Crimson;
  • my new all-time favourite Daniel Smith’s Moonglow – you will be seeing a lot more of this AMAZING colour;
  • and a hint of DS Mayan Blue (a close runner-up in my list of current favourites!)

~ by Tomorrowslices on November 12, 2012.

5 Responses to “Reds and Greens”

  1. This is remarkable! Well placed, beautiful highlights and colours.
    Would’ve loved to see the reference pic also : )

  2. I don’t think you are on your own in searching for a style Dawn… some people say they recognise my work but can’t quite see it myself. This painting is a bit of a half way house, the foliage and flowers are loose the lamp-posts more detailed. After I did the workshop with Jean I came away and decided to stop trying to paint like anyone else and paint like me. Trying to be looser was stopping me from painting as I didn’t know how to handle such a lot of things so I started to tackle things as I thought I could do them at the level I am at now and I think that has helped. If you want to loosen up, but can’t quit the detail, add the detail but just in a small area maybe then the rest will just give an impression?

    • I do realise that trying to “paint like” Jean would be a sure-to-fail endeavour, but I have to admit that I do want to be able to do some of the things that she manages to make watercolours do – it appeals to the “break the rules” part of of my personality. She certainly paints “differently” and I love that about her style, even tho’ I don’t “get” all that she paints.

      I am a detailed person, but I want to be able to cut out the unnecessary clutter to get to the heart and essence of a painting – me being otherwise towards myself, I guess! I think that word “Impression” is what I am aiming towards, and “Subtle” is the other one I would like to achieve more of, but at the moment I am more likely to define my paintings as “Overbearing”:)

      My approach at the moment is to “see the picture” in my head and then play around with ideas/techniques to try to get as close to that as possible (if I don’t lose direction completely halfway through the process!) I think I am edging closer towards what style “works” for me – both in terms of skill level and what I like, but it is an ever evolving and expanding process, because one’s skills and likes both keep changing. That’s what keeps it so interesting, isn’t it?

      I do think you have quite a distinctive/recognisable style, but it’s definitely not static, it is growing and changing too – and it is wonderful to see. And I am sure I’ve mentioned it a lot before – I really like your “style” Judith – it has that mystery/impression/subtle factor that appeals to me!

  3. I really like this, love the detail of the lamps and the loose texture of the roses 🙂

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