No more beach

Holiday Home

Holiday Home

This is my last holiday sketch – finished off in cold, miserable, rainy Shanghai – so sad!

I’m not at all happy with the composition of this one – the little bungalow is too large and the tree shape is all wrong – it should have been a cluster of leaves perched on top of a long slender trunk – but, hey – I was on holiday!

~ by Tomorrowslices on December 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “No more beach”

  1. Dawn plein air is never easy. It is a totally different way of painting and thinking. Time is limited so it comes from instinct. We just need to develop our normal instinct to be able to paint outdoors as well. I hope you keep trying. I know I will, when the weather gets better that is. Take a tip from Hazel Soan: keep it simple and only paint what you like. Best wishes for 2013. xx

    • Thanks, Laura! At least I had good weather to practise painting outdoors. Sleet here in Shanghai now, so back to indoor paintings only! I believe the weather in the UK has been pretty lousy too…all the best for 2013 to you too.

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