From a reference photo by Karen Barclay on PMP.

I changed the composition by cropping it, swivelling it horizontally and changing the colours. The intention was to use cool colours with a splash of warmth. Limited palette: Indigo, Moonglow, Sap Green and Raw Sienna

~ by Tomorrowslices on February 7, 2013.

6 Responses to “Desolation”

  1. I think you have captured the title perfectly here Dawn. I love how a title can have an impact on how we view a painting, and this is a prime example. It tells the story of what you were trying to do with this… job done I would say!!

  2. Fantastic painting Dawn! You’ve managed to capture the fog, distance, building and foreground grass all perfectly. Great atmosphere!

  3. this is excellent Dawn – one of your best!!

  4. Thank you, Judith, Mary & Sharon – I really appreciate your comments and glad you like this one – I like it too! I took things slowly and planned and tested and thought and pondered for longer and it paid off – guess there is a lesson in there somewhere! And then of course there was the “lucky” colour behaviour in the sky which went a long way to helping the process!

  5. Lovely. It doesn’t look desolate to me though, the beautiful patch of sunlight makes it … hopeful? A promise of better times to come, maybe?

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