You say tomato….

Here are two interpretations of s stunning photo by Lilian B on Paint My Photo – the contrast between the dark and “cool” coloured background and the bright and “warm” coloured tomatoes is fantastic. The silver colander with its reflections was a challenge….

In my first attempt, I went for a brighter background – Pthalo Blue and some Indigo and the tomatoes are Cadmium Red and Perelyne Maroon. But it was too “rigid” for me, not loose enough, too restrictive….. I wanted something different!

Tomatoes No. 1

Tomatoes No. 1

So I tried to splash around a bit more – but may have played it too safe in terms of the intensity of colours, so I am afraid I lost some of the vibrancy in the process.

Here my colours are Indigo and Cadmium Red in the background and Cadmium Red and Winsor Red with a hint of Quin Gold for the tomatoes.

Tomatoes No. 2

Tomatoes No. 2

No.1 is better for its colours. No.2 is nicer for its looseness….. Which do you prefer?

~ by Tomorrowslices on May 1, 2013.

6 Responses to “You say tomato….”

  1. I really appreciate the looseness of the second one. Very interesting to see two different versions…

  2. I love them both for exactly your reasons, such a nice composition and lovely choice of colours

  3. Wonderful paintings Dawn, love the 2nd – loose and full of energy.

    • Thank you, Mary – I am trying to get my eyes and hands to see and paint less realistically – some subjects are easier than others. Painting “loose” is a funny thing – the harder one tries the less likely it is to be loose, so I guess it boils down to more practice more often!

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