Z is for Zebra

I have been working on two paintings for my London College of Art course and after numerous unsuccessful versions of Koi swimming all around our living room, I felt that I needed to paint something “just for fun”, quickly, without too much deliberation and planning. My main stumbling block at the moment is that the more I plan and deliberate, the less successful the outcome.

OK – the background is too much – I realised it at the time but lacked a suitable exit strategy, but I am rather pleased with this zebra foal’s facial expression.


– in Winsot Violet, Ultramarine Blue and Translucent Orange!

[It reminds me a little of a campaign that  used to be run in South Africa during the dry season, where a startled springbok – Bokkie – was displayed against a fiery background to warn everyone of the dangers of starting fires.]

~ by Tomorrowslices on May 12, 2013.

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