Colour Explosion

Over the last week I have dipped my toe into the colourful, unpredictable, scary, exciting and generally intriguing world of Brusho®.

Brusho® is a watercolour ink powder – “just add water” for some amazing and possibly probably definitely unexpected results. Things can, and do get messy, but for some or other reason, the capricious nature of Brusho® appeals to me. I have been sitting on the sidelines watching enviously as others ventured into this new world of colour and was delighted when Joanne Boon Thomas (together with launched a DVD with demos and a special deal on the Brusho Starter Kit (including overseas postage!)

Why these uncontrollable mediums like watercolour and Brusho® appeal to a control freak like me, I really don’t know – I am a sucker for punishment – or maybe they merely wave the flag of “I dare you” under my nose and I am incapable of resisting their allure. I love the looseness that one can achieve and the 100% guarantee that no two paintings will ever be the same  – I think the rebel/individualist in me raises a cheer at this aspect!

So ….. here is my first “on my own” painting after watching a few of the demos and spending a few hours sprinkling, spraying, splashing, creating colourful chaos…

Colour Explosion

Colour Explosion

The colours are very bright: I still need to learn how to make them speak more softly – at the moment they shout and perform across each page with total abandon and little adherence to any form of script. Fortunately these sunflowers (from a photo by Brenda M on PMP) were very obliging and lend themselves to being portrayed in an over-bright and over-colourful way. I used the “line and wash” technique – it gives the subject a little more definition and some boundaries in which to strut their stuff! Not much time spent on getting the light and shadows and tones all in the right place…. that will come … in time…(I hope!)

Here’s looking forward to more chaotic colourful creations….

~ by Tomorrowslices on June 5, 2013.

6 Responses to “Colour Explosion”

  1. Brilliant Dawn… how good are the book and DVD???? It is magical and this piece is ab fab.. really well done!!

    • Thanks so much, Judith – yes, the DVD and book is very well put together and Joanne really presents well. It’s early days yet for me with this medium – lots of paper is getting used in the process! I have been dying to try it out and was really pleased that they put the Brusho Secrets special deal together!

  2. This is very cool! I like your splash of color and design. Interesting medium, may check it out one day.

  3. A very good result with Brusho, I am yet to come to grips with it but must admit I am not trying due to the mess etc. LOL

    • Thanks, Lorraine – I actually haven’t found them as messy as I expected them to be – lots of newspaper and hide any fabric that might dare to come in range, and they are not too badly behaved!

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