What a lovely way of spelling peony – makes one think of ancient times in Olde England – with knights and castles, horse-drawn carts and meadows filled with a colourful carpet of flowers, doesn’t it?

Based on a reference photo by Nicola B on PMP – I used Rose Red and Crimson Brusho (with a dab of Yellow) and wax resist for the petal edges. This was my contribution to the monthly challenge on PMP – “A closer look at florals”.

Paeony - in the Pink

Paeony – in the Pink

I am really enjoying the Brusho experience and used the opportunity of a recent trip to the UK to stock up on a few more Brusho colours to add to the Starter Pack that I got from Brusho Secrets. At first there did not seem to be much differentiation between some of the shades of red, but the more you play with them and the larger your painting and “area of play”, the more the variation begins to unfold.

~ by Tomorrowslices on July 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “Paeony”

  1. Love the piece! The subtle difference in shade is a wonderful discovery for the viewer too!

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