#adrawingaday – reflections

Hello blogger world! Does anyone read / follow blogs anymore in this insane insta-world of ours? I know it’s been a LONG time since I’ve posted to this blog, but here goes!

A month ago, I embarked on a Sketchbook Skool #adrawingaday / #adrawingaday challenge – this is the first time I’ve made it beyond day 2 and had the motivation to see it through to the end.

A drawing a day for January 2018….. DONE!

Here are my sketches from Instagram:

Instagram - #adrawingaday Jan 2018

Instagram – #adrawingaday by @ablanksheetifpaper (Jan 2018)

Am I going to continue the exercise in February? No!

What have I learnt / achieved / got out of the process?

  • Making time to draw each day has been a good habit to develop – this part I can buy into. But it does take a deliberate effort to make time each day, especially at the end of a long day in front of a computer. There were a few days when it took sheer will-power to make it happen and I have to acknowledge that some of the drawings were rushed and thrown together. Not the way I like to express my creativity – it felt a bit forced.
  • Following specific prompts is stressful. I really struggle to sketch / draw / paint something random if it has no meaning to me. I don’t enjoy drawing something just for the sake of drawing, even when I know that it’s all good practice. [I wrote an article on Medium to make this point!]
  • To me the process of creating must either express beauty or a convey a message that draws attention. #spoon and #trinket did nothing for me; but I enjoyed making the mental and emotional leap from #erase (rhino conservation) and #trip (a tribute to the daughters and mothers of Afghanistan); moving from something “random” to a heart-felt emotion and desire to express an important message.
  • On week days, being compelled to sketch something specific left little time for drawing / creating anything else, leaving longer-term, bigger, more meaningful projects neglected and abandoned until I had more time on the weekend
  • I tried to use the process to experiment with different media and styles – the detailed graphite drawings (#limbo and #erase) and vibrant loose watercolour (#mixed and #trip) sketches are my favourites media and processes.
  • I’ve confirmed to myself that I like to have time to add detail and don’t like being rushed to “finish” something. Even the simplest of sketches needs time to settle so that I can a step back and then add a few finishing touches.
  • I’ve also re-established that I’m a perfectionist and sometimes the subject / style / lack of time means the drawings cannot be perfect…. sigh! I would prefer to post only masterpieces……

So, a good learning experience, but not to be continued right now. I would like to stick with the habit of #createeveryday, but not necessarily finishing or posting a piece of art every day. I’d also like to choose a more meaningful range of subjects for a week at a time, e.g. drawing graphite portraits, or practising anatomy drawings, but allowing myself enough time to do each one properly.

~ by Tomorrowslices on February 2, 2018.

One Response to “#adrawingaday – reflections”

  1. Hi I hear you I am doing the faces of February as I want to improve my portrait skills which I don’t have much of but am finding I want time to create what I want to and am losing that. On the plus side I felt less guilty painting each day as I was in a challenge and so felt justified somehow, in taking the time from housework or whatever. Great blog and well done. Good food for thought here.

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